What's the big deal about Publix?

Like authentic Cuban sandwiches, "real" beaches, and driving down A1A with your windows down, Publix is near and dear to millions of people who used to call the Sunshine State home.

This Florida-based grocery store is best known for its delicious prepared foods like crispy fried chicken and subs on freshly-baked bread. Until now, if you wanted your Publix fix, you'd have to go all the way to Fredericksburg ... or wait for your next trip down south.

The chain's first foray into the Northern Virginia market will be a Stafford location opening on December 12. Specifically, the new store will be located at Embrey Mill Town Center, at 1640 Publix Way in Stafford.

If you do make a special trip to check out the goods, you can't go wrong with any of the aforementioned chicken and subs. Another reason to give them a try is their wide range of seasonal mini-cakes. Just enough for two, these little treats are great to have on hand for a dessert emergency.

Courtesy of Publix (Facebook)

The new location isn't quite Northern Virginia to many of us. If you're not feeling up to a drive to Stafford just for a sub or some cake, you can always hit up Publix corporate on Twitter and let them know where you want their next location.

Courtesy of Publix (Facebook)

Are you excited about this Florida institution making an appearance in the Northern Virginia region? What are your favorite Publix foods? Let us know in the comments!