Time to find the insurance documents ...

We've all been there—the frantic hunt for the insurance declarations page, the ID cards, figuring out who has you covered and who to contact, or whatever it may be. It's a daunting task that everyone has encountered. And if you haven't yet, don't worry—your time will come. 

This is why a group of four friends in the heart of Denver, Colorado, teamed up and set out to develop an app that not only can be a solution to customers, but insurance agencies as well. 

Listen in to their story below to get the details of the GloveBox app, which launches on July 6. 

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The GloveBox app team.

The GloveBox app technology exists to revamp the way the world accesses its insurance policies and coverages, modernizing the entire industry and drastically easing the customer experience, all while alleviating service requests and overhead for insurance agency owners. The technology will work with ANY carrier, for ANY home and auto policy, ensuring the customer has what they need, when they need it most – on their phone. 

Most people have no idea where or how they are covered, and in the event of a catastrophic event, those are the details they need most," said Ryan Mathisen, GloveBox App 

The GloveBox team collectively has 20-plus years’ experience working in the independent insurance channel and have the heart and grit to get this app in the hand of every policyholder in the nation. Basically, it’s going to be huge. 

The GloveBox app launches on July 6, 2019, with an epic rooftop party in Denver with its top investors, local influencers, and media. According to science, we all have a heartbeat – and according to the law, we all have to have insurance! We think everyone would really benefit from hearing about the GloveBox app. 

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