Learn how one woman goes from slinging jeans at The Gap to becoming Colorado's only African-American female-owned car dealer and owner.

The culture of the car business is something that has lacked change for decades, and studies even show customers would rather visit the dentist for a root canal than buy a vehicle from a car dealer. How, then, does someone actually make a change in this industry that seems locked in and set in its ways? Enter Amanda Gordon, owner of GOJO Auto. Amanda and her company are paving the way to recreate the car buying experience and help more people comfortably take care of their transportation needs.

Now, Amanda's story is quite unique, as she is one of only seven African-American female car dealer license holders in the country. Amanda Gordon shares her story with us, detailing how she created GOJO Auto as a platform to inspire, educate, and help pave the way to place more women in leadership roles in the auto industry.  

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"I love interacting with people. I love teaching people. That was my love of the car business. The people. I didn't know anything about cars. I didn't really care about cars. Cars were the vessel to get me to the people."

-Amanda Gordon, Founder & Owner GOJO Auto

Courtesy of Amanda Gordon

GOJO Auto is established on and prides itself on providing customers with an easy and stress-free car-buying experience. Remember, people would rather have someone drill into their tooth than buy a car from a dealership. Seriously, this company is more than just a place to buy a car.

As a business, GOJO Auto establishes its culture as a place to sell cars, make money, and have fun. Beyond that, Amanda views the culture as a family. Culture shift in the car business is important to the success of GOJO Auto since they want to create a comfortable and family-like atmosphere, as opposed to the sleazy car dealer perception. 

If you're looking to buy a vehicle, or want to learn more about and support Colorado's only African-American female-owned car dealership, check out GOJO Auto both on its website GOJOauto.com and Facebook page.

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