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How do four friends come together and create a company that not only becomes a Denver staple after 10 years, but also a cultural icon in the video gaming industry? We sat down with Level 7 Games owner John Young to find out how he rallied the charge to create that classic game store vibe and develop his stores in the very same neighborhoods that he and his friends grew up in.

Check out the full podcast below, as we discover the history of Level 7 Games, their culture, how they got here, and what their plans are for the future:

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Many of Level 7 Games' customers are still surprised to find out that stores like theirs still exist, and that is exactly why they exist. Some people may still want to go to the big box stores and shop online, but Level 7 Games was created for people that want an experience and have the chance to hang out and enjoy some gaming conversation and interact with like-minded people.

"We want the people to shop with us that want that experience ... and that's a big part of our entire vibe," said Jon Young, owner Level 7 Games.

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