How safe are you online?

Are you and your family protected at home and on the go from all of the dangers in cyberspace? Join the OCN Business Podcast as we learn about the team behind SaferNet and the top five internet risks present to individuals and families.  

Patrick Cavanaugh and Jim Copeland from SaferNet

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We're protecting kids and families by stopping pornographers and human traffickers from gaining access to our families - we stop them in the cloud. Our mission is to create a safer internet, and our passion is to provide complete internet protection, and this FREE Porn Blocker is a down payment on that commitment

 -Patrick Cavanaugh, SaferNet Founder and CTO

Patrick Cavanaugh and Jim Copeland teamed up to create SaferNet, an easy-to-use internet monitoring, control, and security system that protects all of your connected devices anywhere in the world. 

Patrick took his experience as a network security expert, and teamed up with Jim, a marketing expert and family advocate, to develop an internet security software that offers business-level protection to individuals and families. Their basic porn blocker is 100 percent free, forever, and was launched that way to protect consumers from the harm of pornography and its negative impact on families and marriages worldwide. 

Patrick and Jim have also provided an exclusive offer to our OCN listeners. Click HERE to sign up for a free SaferNet trial!

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