What are your plans tonight? Sing like no one's listening at Voicebox Karaoke!

Let's get right to it. Singing your heart out to your favorite karaoke songs is a blast! The only downside is, usually, the environment. Sometimes, your karaoke scene is in shared company at a bar or restaurant and not everyone is diggin' your rendition of "Baby Got Back."

Enter Scott Simon, with his dream for a joyful place to enjoy singing along with friends in a welcoming private-suite atmosphere at Voicebox Karaoke

Listen in to this episode of the OCN Business Podcast where we meet Founder and CEO of Voicebox Karaoke, Scott Simon, as he shares his journey from hardware engineer to founder and owner of several private-suite karaoke lounges located in four states, with a location in Denver's RiNo neighborhood.

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"What we do is fun. It's so joyful. But we take it seriously. When you get in there you're just playing, and it takes us back to something so primal. It's like storytelling around the fire."

-Scott Simon, Founder & CEO Voicebox Karaoke

Courtesy of Voicebox Karaoke

Voicebox is a box-style karaoke lounge with locations in Portland, Denver, and soon in Boise (Idaho) and Fort Worth (Texas). As one of the first private-suite karaoke lounges in the country, Voicebox has inspired nationwide growth in Asian-style karaoke and now leases its proprietary technology to other social entertainment venues. Voicebox designed its locations to provide the perfect karaoke experience with multiple private suites to choose from, each equipped with state-of-the-art equipment – including two mics, light dimmers, pitch adjustment, and other fun gadgets, like the 18th-century musical innovation known as the tambourine.

If you're looking for something new, fun, and joyful to do tonight, especially in RiNo, check out Voicebox Karaoke. You will want to make reservations for Friday and Saturday nights, and you can easily do that from their website, as well as get your song list together. (Pro tip: Tuesday nights are best if you want to avoid the crowds and spice up your week.)

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