The newest sharing app wants to help you get your sea legs. Users on "GetMyBoat" can rent a yacht, kayak, and everything in between.

If you're like me, the sight of boats on the water brings on quick waves of longing. How amazing must it be to set sail and leave your troubles behind in a foamy white wake? One of the coolest aspects of the GetMyBoat sharing app is that it functions worldwide. You can use it in your hometown and even on your vacation overseas!

boat, Thames, UK

The app is surprisingly easy to use. Just go to and start looking. It's just like Airbnb or any other home-sharing site—you start with your location and browse the rentals available in your area. You can filter by cabin size, amenities, dates available, and cost. Before you know it, you have a list of boats just waiting for you to choose them!


In my area, I can rent a pontoon boat like this for $400 a day, or $325 for a four-hour half-day. Not bad, considering I can fit nine friends and a picnic on board! Many of these boats have amenities like bathrooms, kitchens, speakers for your music, coolers filled with ice and bottled water, and various floats and tubes. You basically just need to bring a killer playlist and whatever food and drinks you'll want. How's that for a unique party idea?

pontoon boat

Further up the coast, there were more luxury yachts in D.C. and several sailboats in Annapolis. Both are an easy drive for me, so it's something to consider if I ever use this service. You may have to travel a bit if you're looking for a specific type of experience. There were also kayaks for rent in a local lake and even jet skis in another listing. You can truly find almost any kind of watercraft through the app.

Make sure you read the fine print—captains are sometimes optional, and safety gear is always required. Each boat listing will have its own criteria for rentals, including minimum rental periods or restrictions.

For more information, visit the official GetMyBoat website or drop them a message on Facebook.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of GetMyBoat's Facebook page.

Have you ever rented a captained boat like this? Do you list your own boat on an app? Tell us about your experiences with it in the comments!