Beyer's eight dealerships are still open and available to serve customers in Virginia and surrounding states.

Despite automotive dealership closures in New York, New Jersey, and other states, some Virginia car dealerships are still open for business and have the ability to sell vehicles if you are in need. 

Bruce Bortle, the CMO at Beyer Automotive in Virginia, explained that despite these tough times, they are taking measures to offer at-home delivery and pick-up for sales and service in their area and still have the ability to sell vehicles to those in areas where dealerships may be closed.

"We want to be available to anybody along the East Coast who is desperately searching for the right vehicle, even in the midst of this crisis," Bortle said.

Beyer Automotive has eight dealerships (Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and three Volvo stores) and is available to answer inquiries for anyone in need of a vehicle.

"We're even offering to deliver vehicles to customers' homes or pick up vehicles for service," Bortle explained. "We have ramped up our sanitation practices to ensure that all cars are disinfected before and after test drives and that our showrooms and service areas are being cleaned regularly as well. We're doing what we need to do to make sure that we continue being a leader in automotive sales, in the DMV and beyond."

Despite these tough times, be sure to check regulations and mandates in surrounding areas to fulfill your needs for services or consumer items. As we've learned, many businesses are more than willing to help our neighboring communities and states.