Decades of professional expertise are at your fingertips! 

One of the unexpected side effects of 2020 was a significant increase in the collective appetite for webinars. More and more people channeled their energy into discussing a wide variety of subjects, touching on everything from the future of Blockchain technology to cat behaviors. In fact, a study conducted by The Manifest found a 39% increase in webinar participation when comparing 2019 and 2020, and it's possible that the number is even higher when you consider "informal" webinars on platforms like TikTok

More than a year later, this appetite hasn't shown any signs of slowing. In fact, the proliferation of webinars has led many organizations to now start viewing them as both a vital part of their outreach and a fun way to connect to their audience by providing valuable knowledge. Case in point: the Accelerate Webinar Series hosted by the Daniels College of Business Executive Education department at the University of Denver, which offers learners of all ages and skill levels a chance to explore complex, relevant business concepts from an expert point of view. For more than a year, this bi-weekly series of webinars has explored a wide range of topics, ranging from negotiation to artificial intelligence. 

The next installment in this webinar series, Communicating in a New Era of Organizational Life, is hosted by Daniels Executive Educational faculty Amanda Cahal, and it promises some robust discussion. "As we emerge from a year unlike any we've ever experienced, we have a unique opportunity to decide how we want to work, live, and communicate," the webinar offers. "Join [us] to gain insights that will help you, your team, and your organization succeed."

Attendees can expect to explore some of the ways that COVID-19 forced the professional world to rethink communication, along with some meditations about what the future looks like. Beyond the talking points that Cahal has prepared, attendees can also look forward to a live Q&A session that offers a further chance to explore some of her predictions. Regardless of what sphere you work (or study) in, the evolving nature of professional communication is something that's incredibly useful to learn. This particular webinar will be held at 11:30 AM (MT) on August 26, 2021. Guests can register by clicking here!

Old previous webinars can be found in the Accelerate Webinar archive, offering listeners a second (and third, and fourth) chance to attend! 

Given how prolific that webinars have become, it wouldn't be surprising to see them become even more widespread as the year continues. Learning opportunities like the Accelerate Webinar Series offer guests of all skill sets, education levels, and careers access to a wide variety of expertise, and we're excited to see that continue! 

What are the most interesting webinars you've attended in the last year? Sound off in the comments.