To contract clean, or in-house clean, that is the question.

Are you trying to decide if contract cleaners or in-house cleaners are better for your company’s cleaning needs? Are you wondering what the difference even is? If you’re in this situation, you’re basically trying to decide whether your business should hire its own janitorial staff or outsource by employing a contract cleaning service.

So, which is your best option? The issue isn’t that one cleans better than the other. It’s more along the lines of how specialized your cleaning and sanitation needs are. With the current pandemic situation, proper cleaning and disinfecting is more important than ever. Keep reading to figure out which is your best option. 

Contract Cleaners

Contract cleaners are companies that provide cleaning services on a contract basis, much like you would hire a lawn care service. There is a predetermined time schedule and a list of duties to be performed. Since you have a formal contract, a contract cleaning company ensures that services are covered at all times. You won’t have worries about employees needing annual leave and other absentee issues.

They can provide general cleaning services like vacuuming, cleaning restrooms and public spaces, and trash disposal as well as specialized sanitation and more in-depth services like rotary floor scrubbing, steam cleaning, and high-rise window cleaning. Contract cleaners also provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment like vacuum cleaners, disinfectants, mops, and brooms.

Large companies with a lot of employees tend to outsource by using contract cleaning services with specially trained personnel.

Hire contract cleaners for:

  • Specialized cleaning needs for industries such as medical facilities
  • Laboratories that need to adhere to strict sanitation guidelines and dust-free environments
  • Safety issues when dealing with high-rise window cleaning
  • In-depth cleaning and COVID-specific sanitation services

In-House Cleaners

In-house cleaners are hired by your company as employees. They’re your own staff and you provide cleaning supplies and equipment. They provide the typical cleaning duties of vacuuming, trash disposal, restroom cleaning, and mopping floors, but they might not be specialized in tasks such as steam cleaning curtains, upholstery cleaning, medical-grade sanitation practices, and COVID-specific cleaning. The option is always there to provide this type of training to your own employees, but you would be responsible. 

Companies with a small staff usually hire in-house cleaners as they’re more flexible and can take on various duties if needed (as opposed to contract cleaners who adhere to a contract stating specific duties). Just like any other employee, in-house cleaning crews and janitorial staff take vacations and sick time, so you may not have adequate coverage during this time.

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