What in the name of literally anything is going on?

Honestly, we're not entirely sure and we couldn't really tell you. That's for our other, more intrepid colleagues to report on (thank you for your service, Comrades). For our intents and purposes (lolz and only lolz), suffice it to say: Redditors conspired to bring up GameStop stocks by a lot of money, and seasoned investors are ... upset because they were banking on the opposite. Also, Elon Musk factors in somehow.

Okay, bon appetit!

@yourlocalebony is all of us, tbh.

@nicolieeeolieee, we're into your energy, Girl.


Literally, anybody explaining today's goings-on to their romantic partner deserves an award. 

Hot on the heels of the Cookie Monster, comes Big Bird.

N(ot exactly)SFW, but Y(es exactly) very funny. I told you Elon had something to do with this!

As they say, with great power ...

GameStop is just a sweet summer child, and we're here for them right now. 

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