There's clean and then there's commercial clean.

Many folks don't give a second thought to a cleaned-up space, but for those with OCD such as myself who love a pristine establishment, these before and after photos will surely make you squeal with delight. Commercial cleaning companies, like Advantage Building Services, specialize in industrial-level cleaning, which is cleaning on a scale that makes even worn-down buildings look squeaky clean. Imagine the most intense spring cleaning of your life, extended into an entire commercial space. 

If you want to see examples, or just really need a weekly fix of spotless rooms, check out this gallery! So scroll down and let the satisfaction begin!

Is That the Same Kind of Wood?

We Half Expect This Floor to Start Squeaking

Cement or Glass? You Decide

Cue The Shining theme. Get it?

Know of any area that could do with a little polishing? Sound off in the comments!