Tough Mudder Bootcamp Denver City Park brings endurance workout experience to the gym. 

The Tough Mudder team behind the very popular fitness intense obstacle course events has taken things in a new direction by franchising bootcamp gyms. So far, there are only four of these gyms in the country; Denver is the newest location while the others are located in Boston, Las Vegas, and Houston. Tough Mudder hopes to open many more locations in the next few years, and as the events are quite popular, it's likely the gyms will be busy in a short amount of time.

Tough Mudder gained its very recognizable status in the country by hosting events that are tough endurance races combined with grueling obstacle courses, so things like electrical shocks, rope swings, wall climbs, ice water pool plunges, and of course, all sorts of muddy crawling.

For many people, these endurance events are motivating experiences that they spend all year training for, the group mentality of the events adding to the fun and challenge.

The Tough Mudder Bootcamp Denver City Park offers 45-minute group workout classes in six different focus areas; Core, Drive, Force, Grit, Lower Body, and Upper Body. There are a variety of these classes offered every day.

Denver’s location has only been open officially about a week; the grand opening was June 8, with a soft opening a few weeks ago. The new Tough Mudder Bootcamp Denver is located at 3805 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206. Even with just a few short weeks of business, the gym already has some loyal customers from the soft opening.

You can try out a free class right now, just go to the studio website and follow the links. There are several specials as well, including a two-week membership for $49, which includes unlimited workouts.

From the gym website:

“This is not an indoor jungle gym - there aren't any obstacles. It's functional fitness for life, not just a Tough Mudder event. Each day’s 45-minute class delivers a full-body workout that is fun, unique and challenging. Our 6 classes are built against four fitness pillars - Power, Strength, Endurance, and Agility - and each class is supported by our custom tech platform that delivers movements at each class station, allowing coaches to actually coach. Plus, there are new workouts daily, keeping classes diverse and exciting.”

Tough Mudder Denver Bootcamp

Courtesy of Tough Mudder Bootcamp Denver City Park (Facebook)

You can call the gym 303-945-4563, or email, for more information.

Tough Mudder has a classic event scheduled for Colorado this summer, August 10-11, out at Sterling Ranch in Littleton.

How many of you are Tough Mudders? Will we be seeing you at the new City Park location? Share with us your favorite Tough Mudder stories and what workout classes you want to try the most. And if you have already checked out the new gym, let us know what you thought about it in the comments section.