At just $98 per year, Walmart+ offers many of the same perks as Amazon Prime.

On September 1, Walmart announced its expected rollout of Walmart+, a new membership program directly competing with Amazon Prime. Walmart+ will be available starting September 15 and offers a 15-day free trial, before costing just $98 a year (or $12.95 per month).

After delays postponed the expected launch in July 2020, this leading retailer is moving forward in its next step combining in-store experiences with e-commerce perks.

For 15 years, Amazon has offered special services to Amazon Prime members for a $119 annual fee (in 2020). In addition to the ability to shop millions of products, the current 150 million Amazon Prime members enjoy streaming shows and movies, streaming music, unlimited online photo storage, and expedited shipping on Prime items.

BigCommerce collected fascinating facts about the dominating e-commerce site, including Amazon selling 12 million products on its site. Nine out of 10 consumers head to to price check items before purchasing. Amazon currently ships to more than 125 countries through Amazon Global.

Can Walmart+ compete?

The current offerings of Walmart+ include fuel discounts, faster in-store checkout with Scan & Go, and unlimited free delivery. Fuel discounts of up to 5 cents per gallon will be offered at Walmart, Murphy's USA, Murphy's Express, and eventually Sam's Club gas stations.

Sam's Club, a partner of Walmart, has been using Scan & Go for in-club purchases since 2013. Scan & Go allows shoppers to scan each item as they shop, check out via the app, and skip the checkout line.

Free delivery offered through Walmart+ includes both same-day delivery (formerly known as Delivery Unlimited) and expedited shipping for items not offered at a local store. And Walmart isn't stopping there. The team of experts is already working on additional features to offer its Walmart+ members in the near future.

What does Walmart+ offer that Amazon Prime doesn't?

Walmart+ will be offered at 4,700 of its 11,500 stores (2,700 of which offer same-day delivery services). Each week, 265 million loyal customers visit in-person stores and There's no match to immediate in-store purchasing or even same-day delivery for those urgent grocery and household needs.

“We are a company committed to meeting our customers’ needs,” said Janey Whiteside, chief customer officer, Walmart. “Customers know they can trust us and depend on us, and we’ve designed this program as the ultimate life hack for them. Walmart+ will bring together a comprehensive set of benefits where we see the greatest needs from our customers and where our scale can bring solutions at an unprecedented value.”

Amazon initially opened Amazon Go stores for employees of the ecommerce retailer. Today, Amazon offers more than 60 stores across the country: Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, Amazon Go, and Amazon Pop-Up. Each store sells certain items (food, devices, books, merchandise) with a unique checkout app that automatically scans items as you leave the store and completes your transaction.

“Life feels more complicated than ever. Walmart+ is designed to make it easier – giving customers an option to not have to sacrifice on cost or convenience,” added Whiteside.

Do you currently use Amazon Prime? Are you ready to give Walmart+ a try, or do you find both memberships will be in order? Let us know in the comments below.