Sorry, Pittsburgh! Charlie the Tuna is moving to NoVa.

Starkist Co., the connoisseurs of canned tuna, has announced plans to move their headquarters to Northern Virginia. The company that's known for its cheerful mascot "Charlie the Tuna" will be moving out of its Pittsburgh office on March 31, 2022, before relocating to the D.C. metro area.

Details regarding the new location have not been confirmed by the company since they announced the news.

Pittsburgh has been the longtime residence of the headquarters, housed in an office space in the city's North Shore neighborhood with over 100 employees. Despite their departure, a press release confirms "the company will maintain a presence in the region."

Originally founded as the French Sardine Company of California in 1917, Starkist maintains its status as the largest manufacturer of prepackaged and canned tuna in the world, claiming over 40% of the market. In addition to tuna, the brand also carries salmon and chicken in various forms of packaging, from cans and pouches to on-the-go meal kits. Customers can choose classic Chunk Light Tuna or spice things up with flavor options like Thai Chili, Buffalo, and Lemon Dill.

They've been acquired and bought from multiple corporations over the years, beginning with Pittsburgh's own H.J. Heinz Co, in 1963 through 2008 from Dongwon Industries. The South Korean fishing company purchased it from then-owners Del Monte Foods for over $300 million. Their profitable status has made them an attractive figure in the business world; according to Washington Business Journal, they made a total of $900 million in the year 2020 alone!

It's unclear when or where the new location will arrive, but until then, all of us in NoVa wish Charlie a warm welcome!

How do you feel about Starkist's move to Northern Virginia? Where in NoVa should the company settle? Leave a comment.