Icy conditions led to the huge pile-up.

Unusual icy roads have caused a 100-vehicle pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas, on Interstate 35W. Dozens of vehicles—passenger and 18-wheeler vehicles—were involved, with five fatalities and multiple injuries have been reported.

Fort Worth Police say the number of vehicles involved ranges from 70 to 100, but the number may increase as first responders go over the accident.

Mike Drivdahl, a Fort Worth Fire public information officer, told Fox News, "We don’t have any firms on total numbers of fatalities that we’re comfortable with releasing, because that number continues to change. I can tell you that there are multiple people that we have transported in various conditions."

In addition to the police, Med Star is also on the scene to assist with the search and rescue.

"This is obviously not something we deal with a lot in Fort Worth," added Drivdahl, in reference to the snow and ice. "But we do have the resources to respond to it."

*This is an on-going story and will be updated as more information is made known.