The Curtis Hotel takes life to a whole new level by evoking Dumb and Dumber for a locally sourced, custom experience.

Got a spare $10,000 in change hanging out in your couch? (Who doesn't right?) Or maybe you are just the biggest fan of Harry and Lloyd that ever roamed the earth? Then this experience is the answer to your prayers.

The Curtis Hotel wants to give you the full Dumb and Dumber experience, complete with orange and blue tuxedos, thanks to its "Dumb and Dumber: Lloyd and Harry Meet the Curtis" package. 

For the slightly insane price tag of $10k, you get quite the trip. You begin the whole thing with two nights at Curtis' Corner King Deluxe Room. Hit up the Curtis' bar/restaurant, The Corner Office, to blow through your $100 credit before (or after would be even more awesome) you receive your sweet threads: a powder blue tux and an orange tux, both with matching top hats. 

Next, pack your suits, grab the two pairs of Icelantic Nomad 95 Skis you'll get, handmade in Colorado and featuring custom Denver skyline art, and board your very own luxury private jet (don't worry, you'll get your chance to moped it around town later on). Destination? I'll let Lloyd fill you in:

Once you're there, a private SUV will whisk you away to Aspen Mountain, where single-day tickets await you. Hit the slopes, have a snowball fight or two, grab a drink, and enjoy the lush Aspen life.

After all that fun in Aspen, your private jet will return you to the Mile High City, where you can see the sights on your very own three-hour moped rental, enjoy the 12-pack of Aspen Beer Co. bottles, and then hit the Oxford Club spa for $200 worth of post-skiing relaxation, all included in the package. 

This is just one of many ways the Curtis celebrates movies throughout the year. It has furnishing, fixtures, and decor that take on video games, disco, and even movies like Talladega Nights. 

So, what do you think? Is there even a chance you'd shell out thousands to follow Lloyd and Harry's incredible journey to Colorado? If there is, you can book the package before April 21 by calling 303-571-0300 or visiting Please, please, take pics and share them with us.

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