The summer storm season is off to a busy start in the Centennial State.

Over last weekend, 15 tornadoes hit Colorado—with six of them happening on Sunday, May 23. Several lines of severe storms made their way across the eastern plains, where residents saw lightning, up to 1-inch hail, flash floods, and many tornadoes. 

Most of the twisters hit open farms and ranches, and there was no damage reported. One tornado hit as close as 70 miles east of Denver, south of Cottonwood Valley. A funnel cloud was also spotted near the Pueblo and El Paso county line, south of Truckton. Most tornadoes over the weekend were rated an EF-0 or EF-1, two of the lowest strength ratings for twisters. 

While 15 twisters in two days is a lot, Colorado has always been a hotspot for funnel clouds and tornadoes, especially in the east. The record for most Colorado tornadoes in one day still stands at May 17, 2000, when 27 twisters touched down! Colorado is also the eighth highest for total tornadoes each year in the country, averaging 46. 

Colorado is off to a busy summer storm season with these tornadoes, when thunderstorm activity ramps up and brings lightning, hail, and tornadoes to the Front Range and eastern plains. Are you really a Colorado resident if your home or car hasn't been damaged by hail? Before you go, here are 7 ways to protect your car during hail season

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