Due to an excess in state funds from federal tax reforms, Virginia state officials are currently mailing out 2.7 million tax refund checks through October 15.

Don't throw away any unexpected envelopes from the Virginia Department of Treasury.

Because of an excess in state funds due to federal tax reforms, officials are in the process of mailing out 2.7 million tax refund checks to Virginia residents. This is separate and completely unconnected from residents' annual tax returns.

Depending on eligibility, those who filed individually in 2018 will receive $110, while those who filed jointly in 2018 will get $220. The one-time tax refund checks are currently being processed and mailed, a process which should be complete by October 15. 

Tax officials have the right to withhold this one-time refund if you have an outstanding tax balance or owe a debt to the local government, courts, state agencies, or the IRS. You will receive a partial amount of the tax refund or a letter explaining why you did not receive a check, depending on how much you owe. 

Here is how they plan to calculate your one-time tax refund check:

Virginia Department of Taxation

You may also use this primer offered by the Virginia Department of Taxation to see if you are eligible. 

If you feel you should have been eligible for the check but do not receive it in the mail by October 15, you may call the tax department at (804) 367-8031.

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