The puppies are only 4-weeks-old.

On Friday night, a customer at a gas station near the Hanover Street Bridge in Baltimore noticed a broken-down car. Inside, five husky puppies were found covered in their own filth and were hardly moving. A man was also found in the vehicle, fast asleep.

The owner of the vehicle told officers that he "had bought the puppies down south and was traveling up the east coast to sell them for profit."

Baltimore City Animal Control arrived at the scene, only to find the condition of the 4-week-old puppies "more horrific" than they had initially thought, says local reports. The puppies were reportedly having uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea and vomit, which they would then eat. Due to their thin forms, the pups were unable to stand up.

The five puppies were seized and taken to the ER via Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter's (BARCS) Franky Fund. The organization named the puppies Clove, Rainbow, Noki, Milton, and Sky. All of the puppies were diagnosed with parvovirus, which is a deadly virus that affects unvaccinated puppies and dogs.

Unfortunately, Clove and Sky both died over the weekend. Noki, Milton, and Rainbow remain in critical condition.

BARCS' Franky Fund is asking for donations in order to continue the care for the remaining three husky puppies and in memory of the lost two. The BARCS' Franky Fund "saves the lives of animals with extraordinary medical needs and emergencies ... This fund is the lifeline for injured, sick and abused animals in Baltimore City," states the website.