The dogs were found in horrendous conditions and are now in the hands of the Fauquier County SPCA.

Fauquier County Animal Control recently rescued 80 Wheaten Terriers from a puppy mill that was found to be keeping the dogs in horrendous conditions. Authorities were notified after an anonymous resident visited the facility to purchase one of the pups and found that the puppy was covered in fleas and not very well cared for.

The local police department experienced several roadblocks in investigating the claims, including the owner of the puppy mill blocking the driveway. After obtaining a search warrant and finally gaining access to the property, officers discovered more than 80 dogs being kept in small cages, two to three dogs at a time, and covered in their own feces and urine. Most of the dogs didn't have access to water, and one was found with an exposed femur.

Animal Control removed the dogs from the mill and turned them over to the Fauquier County Animal Control facility at the local SPCA. 

Dog in Cage

Courtesy of Fauquier County Sherriff's Office 

Vernine and Barton Gipstein, the owners of the puppy mill, were placed under arrest, charged with one count of animal cruelty each, and released on $,3000 and $2,500 bonds. As the investigation progresses, additional charges may surface. 

Puppy Mill Owners

Courtesy of Fauquier County Sherriff's Office 

If you want to assist in the situation, you can do so on the Fauquier SPCA's Facebook page by purchasing supplies from their Amazon wish list. We will be purchasing an item or two to help out and thank the Fauquier SPCA for caring for these beloved pets. 

Do you know the owners? Did you know that there was a puppy mill close to you? Do you plan to adopt one of the pups? Tell us in the comments!