For $5, seniors can receive a box of fruits and vegetables without leaving the house.

Grocery shopping has been a struggle during the pandemic, particularly for those susceptible to illness or unable to leave the house, like the elderly. That's why a Baltimore non-profit is stepping in to fill a crucial need for society's most vulnerable members.

Civic Works, a charity dedicated to community service, offers a program delivering fresh foods to homebound seniors. Called the Affordable Produce Delivery Program, volunteers assemble boxes of organic fruits and vegetables for people over the age of 55 and drop them off right to their front door. The boxes are priced at $5 each and are delivered to around 120 people every week.

CBS Baltimore profiled former teacher Rebekah Kaufman, who took up volunteering for the charity after retiring from the Baltimore County school district. Between packing the boxes and connecting with the residents over deliveries, her wish to "give back" to the city has resulted in a positive experience.

Courtesy of Civic Works (Facebook)

“People exchange recipes with me and they talk about how they’re preparing things and they asked how things should be prepared, it’s great,” Kaufman told CBS Baltimore Wednesday.

Civic Works has been helping the community for over 20 years. An AmeriCorps organization, the non-profit also helps repair homes and provides job training in green energy, construction, and agricultural fields. Their annual Day of Service event on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday sends volunteers to work on projects as a way of celebrating Dr. King's message of helping one's community. Their efforts over the years have proved fruitful to the community. Since 1993, they've planted over 25,000 trees and grown over 200,000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables sold directly to people in need.

Boxes can be paid for using various methods, including debit, credit, and supplemental nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC with minimal contact. Currently, the charity is in need of delivery drivers for the program. If you'd like to get involved, visit Civic Works' website for more information.

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