The man jumped into Assawoman Bay Sunday to save an infant ejected 20 feet into the water.

What was already scary—a multi-vehicle car crash in Ocean City on Sunday—turned for the worse when a child was ejected from one of the vehicles over a bridge. But an unnamed "Good Samaritan" showed up just in time to save the child's life, and local officials are celebrating his bravery.

According to local reports, dispatchers were alerted to a car crash that occurred Sunday at 2:30 p.m. A pick-up truck and SUV collided on Route 90 Bridge, causing the truck to lurch over the bridge's edge. A 2-year-old child inside the pick-up truck careened off the guardrail into the water. Officials reported being told a man had jumped off the bridge into Assawoman Bay to retrieve the child, who had been thrown 20 feet below the surface.

A spokesman for the Ocean City Fire Department Ryan Whittington told WTOP a pontoon boat spotted the two and recovered them from the bay, where they were promptly given medical treatment and the child was flown to Johns Hopkins Children Hospital.

The bridge was closed until 9 p.m. the same day. A travel advisory was issued to alert drivers of the accident and to avoid the area.

While an investigation into the accident is underway, officials are taking the time to praise the stranger's actions. According to WTOP, Whittington has spoken to the man, who has requested to remain anonymous, and he is reportedly in good health. He also confirmed the fire chief would be in touch to thank him "for everything he did without due regard for his own personal safety, actually jumping into the water and saving a child.”

A statement from Ocean City's government confirmed seven people total were afflicted in the crash, and most have been released. The child is currently recovering at the hospital. They remain in stable condition.

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