Denver Public Schools finally calls a real "snow day!"

Fifth-grader, Charlie Carabetta, and news anchor, Kyle Clark, rallied for Denver Public Schools for a real "snow day" in February after DPS made it a remote learning day instead.

Carabetta's rally cry featured on Kyle Clark's Next video went viral and must have been the one-two punch that the DPS administration needed for a change of heart. DPS announced Sunday afternoon that Monday, March 15 is a "snow day!" The real deal with no remote learning; an unadulterated school-free day—just like back in the day, pre-COVID!

Kyle Clark sent a shout-out to Charlie on Twitter: 

In the words of Charlie: "If we don't have snow days, kids are sad. Kids aren't good at sad."

Thanks, Charlie for reminding us that snow days make kids happy! May that be a reminder to the rest of us that we all need a snow day from time to time!

Send a shout-out to Charlie in the comments and let him know what fun stuff you're doing today in the snow!