Looks like the snow is sticking around!

Denver is probably one of the coolest places to live in the wintertime because we get so much sunshine throughout the year that when we do get accumulating snow, it's very normal for that snow to be melted by the next day. However, that's not the case with the most recent snows that we've received.

November officially ended with 13.7" of snow at Denver International Airport, which is a rather large amount of snow for Denver in November—typical snow in November is usually around 7.5". Denver also ended below average in terms of temperatures for the month.

Total November Snow – 13.7" 

This is the most snow that Denver has seen during the month of November since 1994! 

Average Temperature During November – 36.2 degrees Fahrenheit

This temperature reading is 2.1 degrees (F) colder than the normal temperature that we see. 

So, it was a cold and snowy November. But why is all of the snow still around? 

The answer is simple. We've been rather cloudy and cold since we saw our big November snowstorm hit us.

In fact, we've been below freezing for almost a full week (with a few exceptions). It's pretty atypical for Denver to spend so much time below freezing during the month of November, but that's exactly what we did.

Right around 5 p.m. on November 25, Denver dropped below freezing. There were a few hours during the night time on November 30 where Denver rose above freezing (we got to 33 degrees during the 2–5 a.m. timeframe), but it was dark outside so no melting occurred.

Finally, during the morning hours on Monday, December 2, Denver rose above freezing. In fact, we rose above and are staying above freezing with lots of sunshine throughout the day. 

The snow is finally beginning to melt. Slight melting then refreezing was common, which is why some of the ice on the side roads seem so stubborn. There's not much you can do post-storm to treat the roads expect re-salt or re-sand them, which, unfortunately, leaves our road conditions in the hands of Mother Nature herself. What made issues a little worse was the half of an inch of snow that fell Saturday night. That made roads slick and added to the icy/slushy mixture of nonsense that we see on the streets today.

Mother Nature is helping out now—we have sunshine and mild temperatures in the forecast through Wednesday. Thursday, we have the chance for a little bit more snow, but it doesn't look extreme at this point.

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