These ugly Christmas sweaters show that Amazon has no idea where Washington, D.C., is.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and not a storefront was lit. So, you shop online for that perfect sweater and fit. You search on Amazon for a hilarious ugly sweater, but what you find just couldn’t get better. Instead of a picture of your glorious state, Amazon did an entire switch and bait.

Amazon’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Mix-Up

Amazon sells ugly Christmas sweater t-shirts that allow people to rep their state during the holiday season. Each of these sweaters has a picture of a U.S., state along with the state’s name stitched underneath it. However, it seems as though Amazon has no idea where Washington, D.C., is because the D.C. shirts are completely off.

The description for the Washington, D.C., sweater t-shirt says, “Seasons Greetings from Washington DC” and continues to describe the shirt as having a “classic Washington DC State Flag image.” However, if you look closely at the shirt, you might notice something off—the state pictured on the shirt is actually Washington state.

Now, this isn’t the only ugly Christmas shirt listed on Amazon that inaccurately depicts Washington, D.C. Another shirt listed as “Home for Christmas Washington, D.C., Ugly Sweater Style for T-Shirt” has a joyful Christmas design with the words “Home for Christmas” on the front. However, in the middle of the words, there’s a picture of Maryland—instead of Washington, D.C.

It seems as though both of these items were eventually removed from Amazon, but not before the shirts sparked a huge battle on Twitter. 

The Twitter Blacklash

The Amazon mix-up wasn’t taken lightly among the biggest fans of the District. The Council of D.C. tweeted a picture of the "Washington, D.C." shirt and wrote, “Apparently, Amazon doesn’t give a shirt about the District…”. Others have tweeted the Maryland shirt, saying “Obviously, this is Amazon’s official endorsement of the retrocession plan” or "They did say it was ugly."

With Amazon coming to Crystal City, it looks like they have a lot of geography to catch up on if they want to get around. Let us know what you think about the mixeroo and share with us some of your favorite tweets!