She's stripingly adorable!

Surprise! The Virginia Zoo welcomed a baby zebra on May 13! Born to Abby, 17, and Zack, 8, the female zebra weighs 80 pounds and stands approximately 3 feet tall. 

There is a bonus to this story: you can name the new baby zebra! They've already chosen five options which you can vote on here! Better hurry, though – the contest is only running through Sunday, May 19, at midnight! 

Here are the potential names:

  • Zelda
  • Zeta
  • Zambezi
  • Zenith
  • Zephyra

Currently, the most popular names are Zelda or Zeta – We think those would be adorable and fitting! (Our favorites, though, are Zambezi or Zephyra!) Once the name is chosen, it will be announced on Facebook on Monday – we can't wait! 

baby zebra

Courtesy of The Virginia Zoo

According to The Virginia Zoo, depending on at least one year of gestation, female zebras give birth to a new foul every one to three years – wow! Incredible! Considering this is her fifth foul at the age of 17, we say that mama Abby is doing amazing! This is the father's fourth foal.

“We were lucky to have one last filly before Zack left last year. Abby is an experienced mother, and she is already taking great care of her baby,” said Colleen Clabbers, the zoo veterinarian.

In the meantime, the foul will stay close to Abby for 8 to 12 months until she is weaned. She is absolutely adorable – just look at her!

zookeepers with baby zebra

Courtesy of The Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is filling up with animals very quickly! Back in early April, the zoo welcomed a baby bongo and porporcupettea crowned pigeon Victoria, and two new two-towed sloths!

Be sure to visit as there are plenty of fascinating animals to see, such as red pandas, monkeys, otters, giraffes, meerkats, and many more! 

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Congratulations to the new mama and The Virginia Zoo on this wonderful news! 2019 has been a busy year for The Virginia Zoo, and we can't wait to see who comes next!

Are you going to visit the baby zebra? What is your favorite name for her? Tell us in the comments!