After a USPS employee and neighbor noticed some unusual circumstances, paramedics found him lying on his kitchen floor.

Glenn Smith, an elderly Arlington, Virginia, resident, fell in his kitchen last Monday. Unable to get up and with no way of contacting anyone for help—and without reachable access to food and water—Smith turned to the only thing that was within arm's reach: Coca-Cola!

Help was finally called five days later when the mail carrier noticed that Smith's door had been open for several days and that his mail was stacking up. She notified a neighbor, who then called the police. When paramedics entered the home, they found him lying in his kitchen in need of medical care. 

Smith, whose age has not been revealed, was taken to the Virginia Hospital Center where he was in good condition. 

"We were horrified and shocked but we were really happy to hear about the Coke, that he could keep himself, you know, alive and okay until help came," said Christen Bensten, who lives next door to Smith

In order to prevent any future accidents, Glenn Smith's neighbors plan to check on him every day just in case he happens to fall again. A life alert bracelet that will call medical services when no one is around might be a good idea, too! 

Hats off to Coca-Cola for having enough "nutrition" to keep Smith alive for five days on the kitchen floor!

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