An influx of sea lice in Virginia Beach this week has been deterring beachgoers.

Virginia Beach lifeguards are reporting that there has been an increase in sea lice stings at the oceanfront this week.

Barely visible to the naked eye, sea lice are actually jellyfish larvae that are infamous for getting into bathing suits and hair (hence the name), small crevices like the ears, and any towels, shoes, or fabric you touch after contamination.

Stings from sea lice cause a rash of red bumps on the skin and can also result in headaches, lethargy, and nausea. Affected children may even come down with a high fever.

sea lice rash

Courtesy of Healthline

If you are stung, the best rule of thumb is to rinse your body and your swimming suit with fresh water. You can also apply one percent hydrocortisone cream, diluted vinegar, or ice packs to the affected skin, and take anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen to relieve pain. For more information, check out the tips on the Healthline website.

Sea lice are more frequently found in the warm summer months when thimble jellyfish and anemone larvae are brought in to the coast by the wind. Even then, sea lice are not often reported in Virginia Beach. It's not clear why there's been such an increase this week.

Have you experienced any stings from sea lice? What's your best method for treatment and avoiding those pesky stings? Tell us in the comments!