With no way to repair her shoulder, they chose to humanely end her suffering.

The Corolla Wild Horses are a national treasure, especially in this area of the country. People love visiting the Outer Banks, North Carolina, beach where these feral Spanish mustangs live. 

This week, an Outer Banks mare named Cali was discovered standing in place for over 24 hours, obviously injured. The Funds Farm was notified, and Cali was rushed to the vet where it was discovered that she had both broken and dislocated her shoulder after being chased by a stallion. 

Cali had become dehydrated and was risking death when Fund's Farm brought her back to their property. And unfortunately, her injuries were something which could not be recovered from.

According to the Corolla Wild Horse Funds Facebook Post, "Our vet consulted with surgeons at NC State, but they advised that there has never been a case of a successful surgery for an injury like Cali's. The bone in that area will not hold screws, and even if they were able to repair the break during surgery the chances of it remaining stable during recovery were slim to none. Without surgery, there was a high chance the dislocated bone would eventually puncture her skin."

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Courtesy of Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Funds Farm had posted to Facebook originally on June 21 informing the public of Cali and and raising over $7,000 towards her recovery. They are thankful to everyone who donated and followed her story! 

“Cali knew she was loved — we told her there were so many people out there wishing her the best, and all of that good energy definitely enriched her life while she was with us,” according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund post. “Rest free and easy, sweet Cali."

Cali was buried on the Funds Farm in a sunny portion of the land. 

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