The much-awaited Quarter Market food hall has been in the spotlight during the renovation process of Ballston Quarter.

Quarter Market in Arlington's Ballston Quarter officially opened its doors on Monday, March 4. Only one restaurant, Mi & Yu Noodle Bar, is currently operational in the 25,000-square-foot industrial-styled indoor and outdoor food hall. But at least a dozen more are on the way!

Fried Shrimp Noodle Bowl at Mi & Yu Noodle Bar

Courtesy of Jaclyn Petrow

With music coming out of the sound system and most of the tables set up and ready to go, diners at Mi & Yu Noodle Bar are happily slurping away. But it's only one out of 14 restaurants listed in the directory on the day of Quarter Market's grand opening.  

Quarter Market

Courtesy of Jaclyn Petrow

The next restaurant expected to open in Quarter Market, according to signage, will be Copa Kitchen & Bar, opening Friday, March 7. 


Courtesy of Jaclyn Petrow

I can only speak for who I know, but many people in Arlington and even the D.C. area are looking forward to these unique dining options that will be opening up soon -- especially the fact that they'll be easily accessible and at our fingertips! 

Some of my favorite new choices will most definitely be the food truck and pop-up sandwich shop restaurants, like Turu's by Timber Pizza Co. and French Exit.

Ballston Quarter Market

Courtesy of Jaclyn Petrow

In all honesty, you can't go wrong. The options in the new Quarter Market offer an all-inclusive, international, and authentic vibe, from South American food to Italian cuisine, to Asian and so much more.

These eateries will surely become a unique component of the Ballston Arlington community.

Now, if only they would open ...

Which new restaurants are you looking forward to in Ballston Quarter's Quarter Market? Tell us in the comments!

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