Police are issuing tickets to people caught driving on the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

Hurricanes make people do crazy things! Virginia Beach residents have been caught by police driving along the boardwalk for unknown reasons, and police are down at the scene issuing tickets.

Whatever your reason for wanting to drive on the boardwalk, please don't! This is not only dangerous, but also illegal! 

The local beaches are open, but no driving, swimming, wading, or any other activity is allowed until Hurricane Dorian passes. The waves are "gnarly, man" but you could become seriously injured or die if you enter the ocean in these weather conditions. 

I think I speak for all of us when I say this:

Courtesy of Giphy

In two Tweets, the City of Virginia Beach urged people to stay off the boardwalk until further notice and to please spread the word. 

Unless you have a good reason to leave, the city is urging you to stay in your homes until the storm passes around 4 p.m.! 

I guess people have not learned anything from the guy who left his Jeep on the beach in the Carolinas! If you drive on the boardwalk, you are taking the risk of being swallowed up by the waves and could drown in your vehicle! 

Would you drive along the Oceanfront during a hurricane? How are you staying safe during Dorian? Have you left your house? Tell us in the comments!