Twitter had a lot to say about it.

Forget "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"—in the case of the Hanover St bridge, it's more like "Troubled Bridge Over Waters." 

Baltimore's Hanover Drawbridge closed for an hour yesterday after a malfunction kept it open and unattached to the other side, hovering stubbornly over the Patapsco River. The Baltimore Firefighters Union tweeted about it, and quickly got a reply jokingly linking this "outage" to yesterday's surprising social media shutdown. 

Baltimore City Department of Transportation responded to the tweet with an explanation that still doesn't quite make sense, to my admittedly unversed-in-bridge-architecture mind. 

Whether because the malfunction was repaired quickly, or because the boat finally went under the bridge (or perhaps the boat taking a long time caused the malfunction?), Baltimore had the bridge open and running just a little over an hour later. They tweeted out the update, and one cheeky citizen felt the need to point out that when the bridge had malfunctioned and remained open, the city "closed" the bridge—and now that it had closed, it was open.

Still, no harm, no foul—as Twitter user @SteveBurke2000 pointed out sarcastically, "Oh my, this means Anne Arundel County commuters who pay no taxes to Baltimore City may take another 2 minutes to get home. Egads, we can't have that!!!"

Whether you agree with the Anne Arundel County diss or not, it doesn't seem like it wound up being too big of an inconvenience. Still, we can't help but agree with user @mary128blue, who admitted: "It’s not funny, but I giggled a little bit."

Did you see the bridge stuck open? Do you feel like the bridges in Baltimore are reliable? Tell us in the comments.