Baltimore Mayor "encouraged by the continuous downward trend" in city's public health numbers.

The city of Baltimore has vastly improved its situation facing the pandemic. In a statement to Baltimoreans, Mayor Brandon M. Scott said “new cases are down approximately 48%, deaths are down 6%, and our positivity rate is down 50%." He went on to thank the public for "adhering to the public health guidelines and doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19."

Although reminding citizens they need to continue social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing, the Mayor and City Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa lifted many restrictions that were on the city throughout the pandemic. For example, patrons had a one-hour time limit inside restaurants and bars which came with challenges. As restaurant owner Dylan Salmon pointed out to CBS Baltimore, “for the hospitality industry, it’s really not our style to come up and say, look you guys got to go. So that’s been a challenge for sure.” Establishments must continue a sign-in/sign-out sheet for staff and customers.

The new mandate also includes other facilities. Gym classes are now permitted 25% occupancy or 10 people, whichever number is higher. Live performances are allowed as long as the performers are masked and maintain social distancing. As for adult entertainment, it's still not included with the new guidelines. Organized amateur sporting events are permitted as long as they work with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks and do not include teams from outside of Maryland.

Indoor amateur sports are limited to the same 25% occupancy which also is in effect for any building in Baltimore (25% of the load allowed by the fire code issued for that particular facility. "If no such certificate has been issued for the Facility by the local fire code official, the maximum occupancy of the Facility pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, and permits," according to the statement.

Mayor Scott hopes this will help many businesses throughout the city that have faced economic difficulties due to the pandemic and hopes "to continue to build on these gains and keep our community safe.”

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