Baltimore's the new winner, with one case of syphilis, chlamydia, or gonorrhea for every 50 residents.

According to the Innerbody research team who analyzed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state, Baltimore, Maryland, is the city with the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The city jumped up five spots in 2019 to clinch the title.

Last year, Baltimoreans suffered from 207 cases of HIV, 210 cases of syphilis, 4,231 cases of gonorrhea, and 7,636 cases of chlamydia. With 2,004 STD cases for every 100,000 people, the math says this: One in every 49.9 people in Baltimore suffers from one of those STDs.

STD rankings

Courtesy of Innerbody

While not as high as Baltimore, nearby Washington, D.C., ranked highly on the list as well, coming in at No. 17. One in nearly every 72 D.C. residents suffers from an STD.

Other cities with high rates of STDs are: Jackson, MS (No. 2); Philadelphia, PA (No. 3); San Francisco, CA (No. 4); Montgomery, AL (No. 5); Augusta, GA (No. 6); Milwaukee, WI (No. 7); Killeen, TX (No. 8); Shreveport, LA (No. 9); and Indianapolis, IN (No. 10).

STD stats

Courtesy of Innerbody

Keep in mind that these particular rankings are per capita. As far as total cases of STDs, Los Angeles, CA, is the shining star with 92,401. Chicago, IL, came in at No. 2, with Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Philadephia, PA, following in that order.

For the full rankings, check out the list on Innerbody's website.

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