Eat.Drink.Relax is scheduled to open next month.

A place where you can eat, drink, and relax? While this could describe any restaurant on the planet, it's literally in the name of a new restaurant coming to Baltimore.

Restauranteurs Edwin Thomas and Dwayne Evans of The Civil are bringing a new dining experience to Mount Vernon. EDR, which stands for Eat.Drink.Relax, will open on Cathedral Street in the former residence of City Cafe. The popular coffee shop shuttered back in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic, where the building had since remained vacant. It closed after 26 years in business.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the restaurant is scheduled to open on Friday, August 6, before rolling out for an official unveiling at the end of the month.

Contrary to The Civil's comfort food offerings, EDR's focus will be more luxurious. Early previews of their menu hint at shellfish, steak, and a swanky assortment of cocktails. Due to the lavish fare, the menu will be higher-priced than its counterpart on Charles Street, and service will be offered for dinner, with the possibility of daytime hours.

In regards to the restaurant's interior space, Thomas told the Baltimore Business Journal it will "look a lot different" compared to the prior establishment. Renovations are reportedly underway in the form of new decor and light fixtures, as well as the windows that now bear the EDR logo.

While many of the details are pending, we're excited to see how EDR fares in a vibrant neighborhood like Mount Vernon. If you're as intrigued by the concept as we are, you can find them on Facebook and their official website. (By the way, they're hiring!)

Eat.Drink.Relax is located at 1001 Cathedral Street in Baltimore. How does Eat.Drink.Relax sound for a new dining experience? Will you attend their slow opening next month? Share your thoughts with us in the comments