The race track has a capacity of 23,500 people; health officials say no more than 175.

*Updated on July 3 at 2:55 p.m.:

As of this afternoon, an emergency temporary restraining order has been approved by a Jefferson County judge against Bandimere Speedway. The restraining order doesn't stop the speedway from holding its annual Jet Car Nationals and 4th of July firework show on Saturday; it does, however, require the speedway to abide by public health orders.

Bandimere must refrain "from hosting any gathering in excess of 175 people; hosting any event that violates social distancing orders; and hosting any event that serves food in violation of requirements for restaurants," according to 9NEWS.

"We are pleased with the result, but can't comment further because it is still pending litigation," wrote a spokesperson for Jeffco Public Health in an e-mail.

Telephone hearings have been requested by Bandimere and granted by the judge, but no date has been revealed yet.

*Original article published on July 3 at 11:23 a.m.:

Bandimere Speedway in Morrison has been entertaining drag race fans for more than 60 years. Since then, Bandimere has hosted more than 130 events every year, welcoming just under 490,000 racers and spectators in 2020, thus far.

Due to its sheer size, the track has a capacity of seating 23,500 spectators at a single time; however, Bandimere has recently come under fire by Jeffco Public Health for exceeding the maximum of 175 people for outdoor events, as outlined in the guidelines by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE).

However, one could argue that, with just how massive the speedway is, along with the safety guidelines in place at the facility (listed below), the 175-person limit seems a little ridiculous. If you do the math, should Bandimere only have 175 people out of the 23,500 it has the space for, then it'd only be at about 0.74 percent of its capacity.

Jeffco Public Health's Executive Director Mark Johnson wrote a letter to Bandimere on June 29, saying, "Competitive events such as races and endurance events are permitted as long as the six-foot distancing and limitations on group size can be maintained." Johnson then mentioned that he has doubts the racetrack will follow health orders for the upcoming Fourth of July event on Saturday.

According to reports, the letter asked Bandimere to submit a plan in compliance with the guidelines by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1. Nothing was ever submitted.

Bandimere does, however, have a breakdown of "changes that will be in effect ... until further notice" on its website in order to follow the CDC's suggested guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Each area of the speedway has its own set of guidelines that spectators, racers, and crew members are encouraged to read prior to entering the facility.

Bandimere Speedway's Safety Guidelines (taken directly from the site):

Pit Area

  • As always pit spaces are on a first come first service basis and the saving of pit spots is not allowed. Be courteous to those around you are refrain from entering another participant pit space. Racers are required to keep their pit spot to a 20’ wide space.

Tech Inspection

  • It is suggested that each participant has their own pen for filling out waivers, tech cards, and registration forms.
  • Participants must have their tech cards filled out completely before entering the tech lanes. This includes driver license and/or NHRA competition, membership numbers and expirations, all personal information, and signature at the bottom of the tech card. Once registered racers have been through the annual inspection and have been stickered for the season, only then can they utilize the Express Tech Lane. Registered racers with inspection sticker still need to fill out their tech card with name, number, class, and signature prior to entering the Express Lane.
  • Participants entering the tech lanes are asked to leave a car length between vehicles and drivers need to stay with their vehicle while you wait to be inspected.
  • Participants will have the responsibility to have their hood, trunk, and doors open with all safety equipment (helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, shoes, neck collar, head, and neck restraint devices, arm restraints) laid out for inspector.
  • Driver License, NHRA license/membership cards need to have numbers and expiration dates written on the tech card with cards available for inspectors to verify.
  • Any certified and dated items need to be clearly visible or photos and documents need to be present for an inspector to view. (ie. transmission shield, flex plate shield, flex plate, etc.)
  • If you have not registered for the season it is highly recommended that you register in advance of attending an event ( In the event you have not registered in advance, request a registration form at the gate to be filled out prior to going to inspection.
  • Tech Building: one person will be serviced at the window at a time, standing 6’ behind each other with paperwork filled out and ready.
  • Minor Waiver Photos: send headshots with name and age to [email protected].  
  • Rentals: Helmet rentals will require the purchase of a head sock. Helmets will be sanitized after each use and jackets will be washed after each rental.

Time Trials & Eliminations

  • When we load vehicles in the staging lanes for time trials or eliminations you will be asked to leave extra space between vehicles and be considerate of those around you by staying with your vehicle and self-distance from those around you.
  • During eliminations, only qualified fields will be laddered all other classes will be random pairings with single runs awarded in round one by random draw and all additional rounds awarded to the driver with the previous round’s best reaction time. A racer will only be awarded one bye run until all remaining racers in competition have had a bye. Laddered classes will require racers to self-ladder. When ladders are posted the start time for the next round will also be posted on the ladder and racers will have the responsibility to be at the front of the lanes ready to race.
  • Participants need to stay with their vehicles in the staging lanes and have run cards easily accessible to staging official.
  • Crew members with the appropriate restricted area armband will only be allowed to go to the starting line with their vehicle and will need to leave the starting area as soon as their vehicle has made its run.


  • We ask that you only enter the pit area of the racer you are associated with.
  • We have ample seating capacity for spectators to self-distance themselves and ask you to be courteous of others around you.

Racer Gate

  • Racers can go on-line ( and purchase racer entries twelve hours before the gate opening time of an event. At the track you can present a print at home ticket or gate staff can scan your ticket on your mobile device. (face coverings are suggested)
  • During presale at the participant gate, racers will be asked to self-distance. Only one racer at a time will be allowed to approach the window and will be asked to keep a reasonable distance from the window sale area.
  • It is suggested that each participant has their own pen for filling out waivers, tech cards, and registration forms.

Fuel/Parts Store

  • Only one customer will be allowed in the store at a time.
  • Consider purchasing a fuel card to save money and make transactions efficient and easy.


  • Customers will be asked to courteous and self-distance themselves while waiting in line.
  • All condiments will be furnished in single-serving packets.
  • Concessions will not refill souvenir cups until further notice. However, we will sell a regular fountain drink for $2 to registered racers with a 2020 cup.
  • Concessions will establish order windows and pick-up windows. Cashier taking orders and completing transactions will not fill drinks or deliver food. Windows will only be open enough to transact business.

Competitive Threads

  • Limited number of customers will be allowed in the main store at one time with self-distancing.
  • Be courteous and self-distance yourself at outdoor walk-up locations.

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