Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials remind the public that it is not okay to feed bears or other wild animals.

On Tuesday, officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) found a bear cub that was hit and killed while trying to cross Highway 73 in Evergreen, only to discover that the cub had bird seeds and human food waste in its stomach. CPW believes that the bear cub was trying to get to its source of human food.

"It died crossing a busy road to get unsecured trash, bird feeders & people intentionally feeding it," said CPW on Twitter.

*Please note that this article includes graphic images that may be disturbing to readers.*

Nearly every year, wildlife officials remind people to make sure their trash and waste are secured and that feeding wild animals poses danger not only to the humans, but the animals. Earlier this year, a deer had died from cancer and a stomach full of birdseed.

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