Mayor Bernard C. Young's next step in his "Clean It Up!" campaign? Fill 5,000 potholes in 50 days.

Back in January, Baltimore's mayor Bernard C. Young launched a "Clean It Up!" campaign. The first focus was on cleaning up trash from alleyways, empty lots, and from the side of the road. Now, the mayor's office has a new target for their campaign: potholes.


Potholes are a hassle for every driver. From a startling and unexpected bump in the road to potentially blowing out a tire, potholes are truly an underestimated threat to drivers. However, Baltimore has decided enough is enough. The mayor has tasked transportation workers of the great city of Baltimore to start filling the potholes that disrupt the city's streets. His seemingly herculean task of filling 5,000 potholes in 50 days is just the latest step in Mayor Young's efforts to beautify Charm City for its visitors and, most importantly, its residents.

However, the team at the Baltimore Department of Transportation is not alone in this effort. The mayor is calling upon the citizens of Baltimore to report potholes they come across by filing a claim with 311, the public services non-emergency hotline number. Citizens can also submit requests online.

It isn't uncommon to experience more potholes as winter draws to a close. The repetitive freezing, thawing, refreezing cycle wears down the roads. And now is when potholes are at their worst. On a typical day, the Baltimore Department of Transportation sends out no more than eight crews to handle potholes. However, the citizens of Baltimore can expect those numbers to increase to try to meet this goal of 5,000 potholes before spring is in full swing in mid-April.

Have you seen any horrible potholes in Baltimore? Are you going to report them? Tell us in the comments!