Risking the possibility of a curse, someone got a little too close and personal with "Blucifer."

Officials at Denver International Airport (DIA) have reported that "Blucifer," the giant blue mustang with fiery eyes who greats Denver visitors, was vandalized.

According to a DIA spokesperson, this is the first-ever incident of vandalism to the giant horse. Someone spray-painted orange lettering on the statue’s legs, which was discovered sometime near 8 p.m. on Thursday night. It's not clear what the lettering says, as it's too light that it cannot be easily read. Currently, it's being discussed on how to remove the graffiti without damaging the statue, and crews will be working to get the statue returned to its original condition soon.

Denver Police Department is investigating, along with DIA, in the hopes of finding whoever it was that vandalized Blucifer. Security footage is being reviewed.

Blucifer, as he is lovingly referred to, is a 32-foot tall, 9,000-pound fiberglass statue (originally titled "Blue Mustang") created by artist Luis Jimenez in 2008. The statue has been the subject of many spooky stories and theories that surround DIA since it was built and not just because of its demon-like red eyes.

While there may not be proof of DIA’s secret tunnels or lizard people, the story of Blucifer has some truth behind it. Blucifer killed his creator during construction when a large piece of the statue’s leg fell on him, severing an artery in his leg and killing him. The statue was almost complete at the time and was ultimately finished by people close to Jimenez before it was installed at DIA on Peña Boulevard.

The nickname Blucifer was bestowed upon the statue by the people of Denver soon after its installation and it has been a constant presence ever since, greeting those who enter and leave the airport with those burning eyes. A mobile game was even created based on the famed mustang!

Whoever it was that decided to put their own mark on Blucifer risks vandalism charges—not to mention, a possible curse from the guardian that has watched over DIA for the last 11 years! 

This is an on-going investigation and will be updated as more information comes to light.

What do you think about Blucifer being vandalized? Do you believe these curses and spooky stories that surround the famed mustang statue? Share your favorite Blucifer theories with us in the comments.