The boat will leave Newport News, Virginia, on Friday morning to deliver clothes, water, cleaning supplies, and diapers to hurricane victims in the Bahamas.

Multiple companies in Newport News are stepping up and sending out hurricane relief supplies to the Bahamas' Abaco Islands this Friday. A 92-foot scallop boat owned by Lars Vinjerud II with Fleet Fisheries will embark on a five-day journey to deliver water, cleaning supplies, children's clothes, paper products, and diapers to victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Local businesses who have stepped up to help stock the boat include Chesapeake Bay Packing, Hampton Roads Plumbing, Riverside Paper, and Marine Specialty Painting.

People in the Bahamas are still in need of blankets, adult clothes, food, toothbrushes, hair and skin products, toilet paper, and other essentials. Organizers of Friday's donation shipment are hoping to send another boat stocked with food supplies and canned goods in the near future.

The Franklin Johnston Group, a local Virginia Beach real estate company, is also doing its part to collect clothes (including t-shirts, shoes, shorts, and anything the group's employees can provide) to be donated to the victims of Dorian. The Franklin family plans to deliver the clothing to the Bahamas on Thursday. 

We commend these companies on their efforts and hope to see other Hampton Roads cities and companies following suit. 

If you wish to donate supplies, contact Chesapeake Bay Packing at 757-244-8440. 

Do you know anyone in the Bahamas? Have you donated to them or plan to donate? What supplies will you be donating? Tell us in the comments!