One person is still reportedly trapped inside.

On Monday morning, a gas explosion was reported in northwest Baltimore, resulting in one death and four injuries, and there is one person still trapped inside. 

According to officials, the explosion happened in the perimeter of 6500 block of Reisterstown Road and affected three houses. Firefighters earlier reported five people trapped inside the surrounding area, including children, and a Collapse Response and Second Alarm were issued.

So far, four people have been rescued from the scen,e suffering serious injuries. One woman was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to officials, of the four injured people, one was taken to Shock Trauma, and one was transported to Sinai Hospital. The other two are unknown, currently.

The explosion fell on the same date as the harrowing Flower Branch Apartments explosion which took place four years earlier in Silver Spring. The blast left seven people dead and dozens more injured in its wake.

Currently, Special Rescue Operations are scouring the area for more victims.

This is a developing story. More information will be given as it comes in.