Donations are being accepted until September 4. 

The Volunteers of America (VOA) Back to Learning Campaign is here, and it needs our help. Every year, the campaign helps more than 55,000 students in our state and provides school districts, teachers, and students with the school supplies needed for the school year. 

The Back to Learning partnership between Volunteers of America, the Denver Broncos, and 9News will help ensure that teachers and families don't have to pay out of pocket for so many items. 

"While we can't be together, we can still support those who need us most!" said the Broncos. 

Families with students up to high school seniors will spend an average of $696.70 per household to ready their own children for the upcoming school year, according to the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) survey. According to VOA, more than 90 percent of teachers buy their own basic classroom supplies.

This year, with the school schedule and so much more up in the air, there is more need than ever for donations. The pandemic has affected employment for many, as well as put the classroom in the dining rooms of so many homes, requiring unique supplies to ensure learning. This year's conditions are putting hand sanitizer and headphones at the top of supply needs. 

You can help by visiting the donation page on the Denver Broncos website between July 27 and Sept. 4, making a donation at the registers of participating King Soopers locations, or mailing supplies directly to VOA (2660 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205). When making a donation, you have several options to choose from, including a flat donation for supplies, funding PPE for a class, sponsoring a teacher, or supporting STEM and technology needs, according to 9News. 

"Make a donation and help ensure local students and teachers start the school year off strong!. It's up to you - your donation can provide school supplies for an entire classroom, outfit students with necessary masks, give teachers a boost with a Care Kit, and more!" said Broncos donation page. "Members of the Denver Broncos Football Club will shop for essential school supplies and packages with received donations."

You can make a donation on the Denver Broncos website