RMNP officials want your feedback on the proposed increase.

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) officials are proposing to raise camping fees and implement a flat-rate fee for certain areas. This would be the first fee increase in four years and is based on comparable fees in nearby campgrounds.

Under the proposal, summer camping fees would increase from $26 to $30 and winter camping fees would increase from $18 to $20. In addition, the proposed flat-rate fee would take effect in Glacier Basin Campground, charging $40 for a small group (nine to 15 people), $50 for a medium group (16 to 25 people), and $60 for a large group (26 to 40 people). Currently, the charge is $4 per person per night, so the flat rate might actually be a better deal for certain size parties. 

The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act allows national parks to retain 80 percent of all fees collected for use that directly benefit visitors. To date, park officials say that there has been overwhelming support for fees and fee increases, with an understanding that it goes into offering a better experience. According to the National Park Service, fees helped fund RMNP's visitor shuttle system, renovation of all restroom facilities in campgrounds, train maintenance, and more. 

camping in rmnp

Courtesy of Rocky Mountain National Park (Facebook)

"Camping is very popular in Rocky Mountain National Park. We want to keep our campground fees affordable and provide visitors with the best possible experience," said Darla Sidles, park superintendent. "We feel that our proposed campground fee change is an incredible value. Plus, 80 percent of those funds stay right here in Rocky to benefit visitors." 

Park staff are interested in hearing what you think about the proposed fee increase. You can email comments to RMNP officials by September 27, 2019.

"Feedback the park receives will help determine how and when a campground fee increase may be implemented," RMNP said in a statement

What do you think? Do you support the fee increase or do you feel it's too much? Let us know in the comments below.