The Capt'n Crabby brick-and-mortar restaurant is expected to open in Norfolk in October, but no date has been specified.

Capt'n Crabby, the food truck that prides itself on offering authentic Maryland-style crab cakes, is docking into a permanent location on Granby Street in Norfolk this October. Owner, MJ Medler, wants to bring some Baltimore flare to Norfolk with a physical restaurant and marketplace serving authentic Baltimore-style dishes.

She expects to open the restaurant and marketplace as early as October, but has not specified exactly when the location will open. She chose Granby Street as the location because it reminded her of her hometown in Baltimore and thought the restaurant would fit right in.

What to Expect 

Located at 4140 Granby Street, the restaurant will be a cozy eating and drinking spot that will seat 30 people in a lounge-like area. Capt'n Crabby will even amp up the Baltimore vibes by playing the Ravens games and John Walters movies, as well as serving classic Baltimore-style deserts! 

“We want to make it feel like a bar in Baltimore,” Medlar told The Virginian-Pilot. “Bawdy wallpaper, tin ceilings — ’trashy glam’ is what we’re calling it.” 

Well, we can't wait to see it now!

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There will be a small store inside the marketplace that will sell jams, pickles, sauces, coastal cattle beef, and fresh produce—all from Pungo.

The physical restaurant and marketplace will offer the full menu of the three current food trucks, while the food trucks will remain running. Capt'n Crabby serves several unique variations of the classic crab cake sandwich, including pumpkin goat cheese, spicy, Caribbean-style, and many more.

Not into crabby fare? Try their burgers, pulled chicken and pork sandwiches, hot dogs, and Italian-style subs. 

We're ready to get our hands on one of these delicious dishes! Can they open tomorrow?

Crab Cake Sandwiches

Courtesy of Capt'n Crabby's Facebook

Are you excited about the restaurant? Will you be going when it opens or wait until the hype dies down? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!