The Star will be lit by Monday, March 23.

On Wednesday, the Castle Rock Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday to re-light The Star that sits on The Rock. The council's hope is that The Star will be a reminder that the community will stay strong and overcome the current conditions caused by the coronavirus.

"At the March 17 Town Council meeting, Council voted unanimously on a special motion to light The Star atop The Rock as a symbol of hope during the pandemic, and as a reminder that Castle Rock is a strong and united community that will persevere," said the announcement from the council.

The Star will be lit by Monday 23 by Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and a volunteer known as The Keeper of the Star. The iconic installation is 40 feet tall and usually only lights up the night sky during the holiday season. But, its history makes it the perfect symbol for perseverance in today's trying times. It was initially constructed in 1936 during the Great Depression as a symbol of hope that could be seen from miles around. It will be called on again to serve that purpose this spring.

"When times get hard in Castle Rock, the community comes together,” said Mayor Jason Gray in a press release. “We will get through this, and my wish is that everyone who sees The Star will ask themselves what they can do in the community to help those who need support."

The council asks the community not to gather during the lighting in order to keep all safe.

"Unlike at the annual Starlighting, we ask that the community not gather centrally to watch The Star light up. Please watch from a spot safely away from others, as current public health guidelines recommend," said the council.

You can watch and social media (@CRgov) for specifics on when The Star will light up.