Robber smashed into the Thai Mint restaurant and ran out with a safe.

It was a regular Sunday night closing up shop for the Thai Mint restaurant in Colorado Springs, but Monday brought an unwelcome surprise. Thai Mint, a restaurant located at 1725 Briargate Blvd. near the Chapel Hills Mall, was robbed on Sunday night, and the crook took off with an entire safe containing thousands of dollars.

The owners have video footage from both outside and inside the restaurant showing the robbery and the suspect. The man is shown using a large rock to smash on the front window, then climbing inside. From the interior security camera footage, he is seen rummaging and looking through the place then finding the safe and taking off with it.

Our Community Now received photos from the Thai Mint and you can clearly see the damage done to the windows, as well as the rock used to smash the glass:

Photos provided by the Thai Mint Restaurant.

The theft has hit the business hard; they are now facing the reality of missing thousands of dollars, property damage bills, and the loss of payroll for their 20 employees.

Thai Mint closed shop to clean up temporarily, but are back open as of yesterday. They posted an image of the suspect taken from the security video on their Facebook page (below) and are asking that anyone who has information to contact them or the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719)-444-7000.

This was a brazen theft, and although the suspect wore a hood and gloves, he didn’t account for the camera footage. Let’s hope the man is caught and that Thai Mint can recover from these losses. Fans of the restaurant expressed their dismay at the robbery and promised to come in for extra business to support the owners.

This is an on-going story and will be updated as more information is released.