The temporary closure for upkeep work will last four days at the start of October.

Cherry Creek State Park Dog Park will temporarily close the off-leash area for park maintenance and upkeep for four days in October.

Park officials announced that the closure will be in effect from October 5 through October 8. The closure is part of regular maintenance that happens twice a year. 

During the four days, crews will be installing and repairing fencing, adding fences around drainage areas, adding improvements to the bullpen and entrance, and conducting trail work, mowing, and tree trimming. Improvements to the parking lots, as well as pedestrian access areas, will also be done, and new work is being done to trails to make them more wheelchair accessible. The area is a beloved area for pets and nature lovers alike and needs regular upkeep and improvements to keep it a sustainable resource for everyone to enjoy. 

“We are dedicated to being active care takers of this highly valued public land,” said Park Manager Jason Trujillo. “It has gotten to the point where it is so busy down there, we can’t get any work done without interrupting experiences of visitors and this maintenance work cannot be conducted safely while the area is open.”

Park staff, contractors, and volunteers will be performing the maintenance and upkeep work. Anyone who wants to volunteer can call (303)-766-6562 for more information. 

The 107-acre Cherry Creek State Park Dog park sees over a million visitors a year and has been experiencing heavy usage the last several months. The park often reaches capacity and it is recommended to come early, as there are often long wait times to get in. The off-leash dog area is open normally from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. A pass for the state park as well as the dog area is required and can be purchased on entry. 

What is your favorite part of the Cherry Creek State Park off-leash dog area? What other off-leash dog parks do you recommend in the Denver area when we cannot visit the Cherry Creek dog park? Let us know all about it in the comments.