Think about it: you get to hang out with a dog without actually having owner responsibilities! 

Guys! There is now a way for you to hang out with a dog, fostering them for a couple of hours, without having the expenses of owning one! This is a great way to test the waters and see if you are ready for the responsibility!

Chesapeake Animal Services has launched a "Snout and About" program which allows volunteers to take a dog out into the community for a few hours each day! 

No major responsibilities ... no expenses ... no long-term commitment ... dog gets a break ... you get to hang out with a dog ... ummm, that's a win!

The program is simple and easy!

1. Fill out a form that's on their website.
2. Bring it in to get signed.
3. Go over the rules with the staff.
4. Pick from the pets that are available.
5. Off you go!

Check out the rules and fill out the form here!

Some suggested outings would be a trip to the park, a nice lunch at a dog-friendly location, or a car ride around the city! 

While with the volunteers, the dogs will get a much-needed break from the crowded shelter life, opening up their personalities and showing who they truly are. The volunteers can then relay that information to shelter staff, giving their future family an accurate description of the dog's personality. 

Ultimately, the dogs get the much-needed break they have been wanting, relieve some stress, and are more likely to find a home! Who knows, you may even find your next furry best friend! By the way, this is a fantastic way to get to know the dog's yourself (hint, hint). 

Make a dog's day by putting a big smile on their face, like this: 

Courtesy of Jen Trimble

Head on over to Chesapeake Animal Services to see the dogs you can take out around the town!

Can you think of a better way to spend your day? We think not! Excuse me while I head over to the site to fill out a form and start hanging out with some puppers!

Don't worry about time; this program runs year-round and is free! All they ask is that you hang out with one of the pets as often as you can! 

Follow the program on Facebook for updates and photos of the pets on their day out! Check out the program on the Chesapeake Animal Services website for more information.