Colorado zoos are two of 20 nominees for USA Today's 2019 Best Zoo Reader's Choice Award. 

USA Today thinks we've got it going on when it comes to awesome zoos (but we already knew that). It has chosen both Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (Colorado Springs) and the Denver Zoo as part of its yearly "Best Zoo" ranking. 

Colorado's two nominees are part of a 20-zoo field chosen by a panel of travel experts. They were picked out of the more than 200 eligible facilities across the nation, and are up against the likes of Smithsonian's National Zoo, Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Dallas Zoo, and many other noteworthy, North American AZA-accredited zoos.

"[These are] facilities that excel in the fields of animal care and enrichment, while also facilitating meaningful interactions between animals and human visitors," says USA Today

The contest site shared that Cheyenne Mountain Zoo made the cut because of its more than 750 animals, as well as its giraffe herd, which is the largest in the world. The Denver Zoo was nominated for its innovative Predator Ridge and Elephant Passage exhibits. Denver currently has the largest herd of bachelor elephants in North America. 

Denver Zoo

Courtesy of The Denver Zoo (Facebook)

Are either, or both, of zoos a favorite place for you to visit? If so, take some time to vote in their support. You can vote once per day for your favorite until voting ends on April 22 at noon (EDT). The 10 winning zoos will be announced on Friday, May 3. You can also read the official Readers' Choice rules here.

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Which zoo will you vote for? What is your favorite exhibit at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or the Denver Zoo? Have you been to any other zoos on the nominee list? Let us know in the comments!

The Denver Zoo recently lost its beloved Komodo dragon, Raja.